Fringe: A production of two halves – and it’s superb

BalletBoyz is an outstanding production.

The production is presented in two halves, Them and Us, both choreographed and executed perfectly to the accompanying music score by Charlotte Harding and Keaton Henson respectively.

‘Them’ explores individuality of movement, ‘Us’ explores human connections. The all-male dance troupe are metronomic in their precision, graceful in their movement, expressive in the interpretation of the music and subliminally synchronised to the tips of their fingers.

If you know nothing about classic or contemporary ballet, nothing about music and nothing about dance interpretation of music this is still a must see.

For the ballet educated this performance offers nuisances of sublime pleasure and will be long remembered after the lights dim.

Tickets prices at the festival may have suffered price inflation but, for BalletBoyz , every penny spent on a ticket will be rewarded by the many hundreds of hours of sweat, dedication and sheer hard work in the rehearsal room. There is no other way that the exacting standard of this performance could have been met.

There were a few seats empty, I predict that this will no longer be the case once word of mouth does its work.

BalletBoyz, Them/Us, McEwan Hall, 1pm, Underbelly.

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