Creating a unique new whisky for Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery is offering the chance to buy casks of its new whisky.

Inspired by the history, vibrancy and diversity of the city, Holyrood’s team of distillers has created a cask offering unlike anything that has gone before.

By using Lothian spring barley, chocolate and crystal specialty malts, Edinburgh Brewer’s Yeast and their distinct distillation approach, they will be producing a whisky that’s uniquely Edinburgh.

They will also use a selection of Spanish oak sherry casks seasoned with different sherry types to deliver a range of finishes.

A spokesman for the distillery said: ‘We are immensely proud to have become Edinburgh’s first single malt distillery in almost a century, when we opened in 2019. Our founders had a vision to create a new kind of distillery, one that would reflect the dynamism and diversity of present-day Edinburgh.

‘Marrying craft traditions with bold new approaches to flavour, we are dedicated to delivering something that is worthy of Scotland’s capital city.

‘It’s this blend of old and new, heritage and innovation, that has inspired us to create something special that we’re excited to be launching.

With our new cask offer, we wanted to pay homage to the efforts of those that went before us, and to reconnect Edinburgh with its proud, but often forgotten, distilling and brewing past.

‘So, after much research, we’re creating a historically inspired, but totally new style of whisky. Local malts. Edinburgh yeast. And very special casks. This is whisky – made by Edinburgh.’

Click HERE for details of casks, which cost £4000.