Climbing Ben Nevis with 100kg for Doddie

A JOINER from Uddingston is preparing to climb Ben Nevis while carrying 100kg to raise money for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation.

Mountain rescue team member David Dooher is poised to climb Britain’s highest mountain on his 38th birthday in June in aid of curing motor neurone disease (MND).

If he succeeds then he’ll set a world record.

The weight is equivalent to 15 stone 10 pounds – or a giant panda.

Dooher said: “The long road ahead can be daunting but breaking it down and having the mindset to enjoy each step is the way forward for me – it’ll have ups and down, but the finish line will come soon enough.

“I’m embracing this challenge and using my body to its full potential because some people simply can’t, no matter how much they want to. 

“Doddie Weir’s mindset and strength was unbelievable.

“With MND, there’s no treatment or cure. Nothing can slow the progression – it’s fatal every single time. But Doddie took that in his stride and continued to fight to find a cure till the very end. 

“MND needs funds for research and to help those already diagnosed and their families. It’s the only way it can change. I want to do my bit to continue Doddie’s mission to end MND”.

Dooher added: “I’ve climbed Ben Nevis plenty time and it can be tough going without 100kg on my back, but with the support, and my purpose, front of mind, I think I’ll do it.

“The 100kg carried on my shoulders is symbolic and is to represent the burden carried by those who live with MND, and their families.

“I’ve already got some brutal training under my belt, but there’s still a long way to go.”

Paul Thompson, director of fundraising at the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, said: “This just shows the strength of Doddie’s impact; he helped to inspire so many people across the UK to pick up the baton and continue to work towards finding a cure for MND. 

“David’s dedication, commitment and creativity is incredible.

“We are very grateful to him and all his supporters.”

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