Charities to get money in Kiltwalk Kindness

The Kiltwalk is bringing forward the distribution of the funds it raises for its postponed Glasgow and Aberdeen events to help charities whose incomes have been hit hard by coronavirus.

In an open letter, Sir Tom Hunter called on participants to continue registering and fundraising for the Kiltwalk, after the Glasgow event was postponed amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

He also confirmed that the Aberdeen event is to be delayed.

Sir Tom additionally revealed that the Kiltwalk will pay out the funds raised by the Glasgow and Aberdeen to charities weeks earlier than planned, to help society’s most vulnerable.

The total amount raised by the Glasgow event plus the 50% top up provided by The Hunter Foundation will be provided to charities from March 31, a month ahead of when the event was scheduled to take place on April 26.

The amount raised by the Aberdeen event, along with the 50% top up, will be paid out to charities from May 7. The Aberdeen Kiltwalk had been scheduled to take place on June 7.

Describing the move as ‘Kiltwalk Kindness’, Sir Tom said: ‘Since we made the difficult but correct decision to postpone the Glasgow Kiltwalk, we’ve been racking our brains about what to do next. We know that many charities, food banks in particular, are already hurting and staring at the prospect of significantly curtailed fundraising opportunities.

‘And that those most in need are likely to be impacted most and first – it’s truly tragic.

‘So, our number one objective is to raise funds now and get them to those who need it most as quickly as possible.

‘We will close the Glasgow fundraising on March 31, add our 50% and get it out to charities as quickly and as humanly possible. We’re also doing the same in Aberdeen where we will close the fundraising on May 7.

‘If you can, keep registering for our walks and keep raising funds for the charities you care about.’

Caroline Speirs, co-founder of Calum’s Cabin, said: ‘This will be a godsend for hundreds of needy charities at a really difficult time. Lots of fundraising events have been decimated by coronavirus, so to have the Kiltwalk cash coming in so quickly will be enormously important. We are hugely grateful to all our Kiltwalk fundraisers.’

The Kiltwalk events scheduled for Dundee and Edinburgh, due to be held on the 16 August and 13 September respectively, are still currently going ahead. It is hoped the Glasgow and Aberdeen events can be rearranged.

Each walk has three distances to choose from to suit people of all ages and abilities.

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