Walk 500 Miles and join the living room ensemble

A group of musicians are urging their fellow Scots to beat the confines of their own homes by making fun music.

The enforced lockdown over coronavirus means that many of us are stuck without the four walls of our houses.

However, rather than become bored, the Glasgow-based Nevis Ensemble has come with with its own twist – the Nevis Living Room Ensemble.

A spokesman said: ‘Now that we are becoming more and more confined to our homes, there are some really wonderful and inventive ways appearing from musicians to keep bringing music to everyone, everywhere.

‘Here at Nevis, we have been thinking about the most “Nevis” response possible, and have decided upon the Living Room Ensemble. Open to everyone, whether you play an instrument or not, we would like as many people as possible to get involved.

‘We will be releasing a number of pieces over the coming weeks, but first up is a Nevis classic: 500 Miles from the Proclaimers.

‘All you need to take part is something to record on. If you play an instrument, you can download your part on the website. There are also parts for singers (with harmony lines for those who might like a “lower line”), and a download with just the lyrics for those who find that easier.

‘For those who don’t have an instrument: time to be creative. Get out those pots, pans, homemade pasta shakers, wine glasses… and we very much welcome some interpretative dancing.’

Full details are on the website but, all you need to do is stick in your headphones and play/sing along to the backing track or a metronome. Once we have everyone’s submissions, we’ll put together a video showing off your skills!’

Find out more about the Nevis Ensemble at nevisensemble.org