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Benriach releases 19 new editions for its cask collection

Benriach Distillery has unveiled its latest single cask bottlings – Benriach Cask Edition Collection 2021.

Each of its 19 premium expressions have been crafted to celebrate the individuality of the distillery’s cask types, and the resulting single malt that each helps to mature.

Each expression in the new collection has been individually nurtured and selected at its optimum maturation point by Benriach’s master blender, Dr Rachel Barrie. Featuring both peated and unpeated styles of whisky, each expression celebrates the unique flavour impacted by its cask, and allows a different facet of Benriach’s multi-layered, fruit forward style to be explored.

From madeira to moscatel hogsheads and rum barrels to port pipes, 11 different cask types from around the world have been used to paint a rainbow of flavour across the collection. From the smoked nutmeg of the madeira cask to the smouldering pine nut and rich campfire smoke found in the Oloroso sherry butt, these flavourful individual casks range from 1994 to 2009.

Cask Edition Collection 2021 continues Benriach’s creative legacy of bottling individual casks in what is a new era for the distillery since it relaunched its portfolio last year.

Rachel said: ‘When it comes to experimenting with flavour through our rich inventory of cask types at Benriach, it is important to appreciate the individuality of the cask and its back story to tease out its full potential. Benriach Cask Edition Collection 2021 offers an insight into this journey, capturing unique moments in time at our Speyside distillery.

‘Exploring cask maturation at this specific level continues to excite me about the flavour possibilities of Benriach. From the honey, apricot and stewed plum of the sauternes barrique to the smooth barley cream of the rum barrel, it’s a true joy to savour the palette of flavour in these cask edition releases.’

Benriach Cask Edition Collection 2021 is available to purchase from specialist retailers in select markets globally.

Visit https://www.benriachdistillery.com/en-gb/ for details.