Be one of the first on Scotland’s most green ferry

A new ship which will provide the most environmentally-friendly ferry service in Scotland is set to arrive in Orkney tomorrow (Wednesday 9 October) after making the journey from its shipbuilders in Vietnam.

After final fittings and trials, MV Alfred will connect passengers from Orkney to the Scottish mainland on the service already operated by family business Pentland Ferries.

MV Alfred, which set out from Vietnam on 29 August, will run between St Margaret’s Hope and Gills Bay in Caithness.

It can hold more passengers than its predecessor, MV Pentalina, with enough space for 430 passengers and 98 cars, or 54 cars and 12 articulated vehicles/coaches. The ship will also have a dog-friendly indoor sun deck lounge in addition to five other seating areas.

The new ferry will undertake its first crossing from St Margaret’s Hope to Gills Bay in Caithness early November, and Pentland Ferries managing director Andrew Banks is delighted with the quality of the ship and the service it is set to deliver.

He said: ‘This is the most environmentally friendly ferry of its kind in Scotland and its low fuel consumption makes it the greenest way to travel to Orkney.

‘We’re confident that our passengers will love the high quality of the new facilities and the improved capacity onboard.

‘We are proud to be bringing this new quality of service to the people of Orkney and to visitors to our islands.’

Anyone wishing to experience the inaugural crossing of the Pentland Firth can book their place on the ferry as usual on the Pentland Ferries website,, or by calling the booking line on +44 (0)800 688 8998.