A tasty treat from the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore

Kirsten Gilmour, chef and owner of The Mountain Cafe in Aviemore, is as happy in the Highland hills as she is cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Kirsten pedals away the stresses and strains of life in the kitchen at The Mountain Cafe.

When Kiwi chef travelled from London for a weekend of skiing in Aviemore she had no idea that the Highland town would capture her
imagination and her heart.

Arriving in the midst of a busy ski season, she tried to hire skis from an outdoor shop and ended up working there.

She said: ‘I met my husband during that time. I didn’t just stay for the skiing.

‘He’s a mountaineering instructor and we’ve had all sorts of crazy adventures all over Scotland. I love getting outdoors, it keeps me sane.’

This recipe was originally published in the Scottish Field, June 2017 edition.