Why not try our tasty crab cocktail recipe?

A pescatarian’s dream, The Tolbooth Seafood Restaurant in Stonehaven harbour makes the most of the local catch.

The Tolbooth, which has is located on the first floor of the building, has been owned by Eddie Abbott for the last ten years.

‘We use the local fishermen for langoustines, crab, squid and lobster,’ says Eddie.

‘We’re using oysters from Loch Fyne, and their salmon too. Our style is to serve fish with light, aromatic dressings, rather than dousing them with sauce.

‘We like to let the fish do the talking. I reckon our most popular dish at this time of year is the langoustines. I think people who really love their shellfish prefer them to lobster because they’re a little bit sweeter.’

This recipe was first published in July 2017.