The Scots otter who won’t take to wild water

A Scottish otter who has failed to be reintroduced to the wild is to become a television star.

In the penultimate episode of BBC Scotland’s series Born to be Wild, the Scottish SPCA Animal Rescue Centre receives an unusual case; an otter from the very north of Shetland who’s already failed twice to be successfully returned to his natural habitat.

The question for the team is can they persuade this large male that he is a wild animal. And how will he cope with the 90 minute flight to the UK’s most northerly isles?

Romain Pizzi, the centre’s chief vet has to draw on all his years of experience and skills when he tries to save a vixen whose leg is in need of a life-saving operation.

And the bird unit battle to save the life of a peregrine falcon with a gunshot wound.

The ninth episode of Born to be Wild will be shown on Monday, 29 April, on BBC Scotland from 8-9pm.