The quay to happiness is through seafood

French chef Didier Dejean’s restaurant was a beacon for seafood lovers.

When I ask Didier Dejean where his love of food comes from, he laughs. ‘Well, I’m French, so…’

The Aberdeen-based chef has been sharing his passion for food since he opened his seafood restaurant The Silver Darling in 1986.

Situated in the old customs house, it has views out over the harbour and a focus on modern, elegant seafood.

In his still-strong French accent, Didier elaborates: ‘Really, the love of food comes from my parents. They both used to cook a lot. They were not chefs, but the whole family – my parents, my aunt, my uncle – all really loved food and we used to enjoy it together, all around the table having a long, beautiful meal.’

This feature originally appeared in our May 2016 edition. Since then, Didier has sold the Silver Darling.