The presentation box for the Macallan Edition Series No.4
The presentation box for the Macallan Edition Series No.4

The Macallan’s new edition series comes to the four

The fourth release in The Macallan’s Edition Series has been released.

This is an annual limited edition series that explores the Macallan’s approach to whisky making and exposes the detail of its creation, showcasing the skill of its whisky makers.

The Edition Series are a unique selection of oak cask styles are combined to yield a new limited edition expression each year.
Edition No.4 embodies the craftsmanship and pioneering design of the new Macallan Distillery and demonstrates the mastery of whisky making on the estate since 1824.

This limited edition marks the coming together of the Macallan’s history and new horizons in the creation of two structural masterpieces: a remarkable whisky and a magnificent new distillery.

Like preceding releases, transparency prevails in Edition No.4, revealing the specific role of oak casks in the creation of the Macallan.

With each cask bringing different dimensions and imparting its own influence, this single malt delivers surprising aromas and character. Crafted from a combination of European and American oak casks, Edition No.4 presents a zesty, vibrant and invigorating single malt of rounded honey, sweet toffee and citrus fruits.

The presentation box for the Macallan Edition Series No.4

This is a distinctive whisky that pushes the boundaries of the distillery’s innovation, reflecting the passion, traditions and craftsmanship that goes into the art of the perfect cask selection.

The series began with The Macallan Edition No. 1, a bold single malt drawn from eight of the finest European and American oak cask styles and sizes. Sherry-seasoned and aged to perfection before being combined to create this rich and multidimensional whisky, the character of each cask style lives within the whisky itself.

The Macallan Edition No. 2 was a creative collaboration between the Macallan’s master whisky maker and the three Roca brothers – co-founders of world-renowned restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca – Edition No. 2 unites these four masters in one spirit, combining flavours to reflect each of their distinctive personalities in the resulting whisky.

Edition No. 3 brings to life the flavour experience of The Macallan through aroma, calling on Master Perfumer Roja Dove’s remarkable sensory knowledge and expert sense of smell to create the third unique expression in the series. Borne of two art forms, Edition No. 3 unites the worlds of whisky and aroma to reveal the complexities of single malt character and the power of the senses in creating and experiencing The Macallan.

Drawn from a combination of European and American oak casks, Edition No.3 is sweet and fruity in character, balancing the heavier base recognisable in our single malts with citrus, vanilla, florals and fresh cut oak.