The benefits of living in a townhouse

In bygone times, a townhouse was just as it sounds, at least as far as the wealthy upper classes were concerned.

The term referred to a second home ‘in the town’ as opposed to their main country residence.

Given that space was at a premium in cities, town houses were designed to provide as much space as possible by building upwards instead of outwards.

Modern town houses have followed that pattern, and are usually built as a terrace of family homes spread over three floors.

So, what are the benefits of town house living?

Views: Some or all of the living accommodation is often on the upper floors which can make for great views. For example, many of the Mactaggart & Mickel Homes’ four-bed town houses at Millerhill at Shawfair have fabulous views of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh and the Pentland Hills south of the capital.

Stepping Stone: Between a flat or apartment and a detached house. Townhouses offer a great ‘in-between’ option if budget is a consideration.

Space: A third floor can often be a nifty solution to give, for example, a teenager their own space.

Neighbours: Having nobody above or below is a definite plus point; but it can also be lovely to know that a neighbour is not far away if needed.

Economical to heat: Shared walls on one or both sides normally means lower heating bills – very appealing when buying in Scotland!

Mactaggart & Mickel Homes offer townhouses at Carrongrove, Stoneywood near Denny as well as at Millerhall at Shawfair, near Edinburgh.
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