Trump Turnberry.

Chef - Alan Matthew.

Tasty recipe offers some food fore thought

The golfers’ paradise that is Trump Turnberry opened its doors in 1906 and has been serving up the best of Scottish food and hospitality ever since.

Trump Turnberry hotel has a long and distinguished history of great Scottish hospitality that stretches back over
a century.

The food served up in the resort, which sits on the rugged Ayrshire coast, has always been key to its success.

Executive chef Alan Matthew has overseen the kitchens at Turnberry for over two years and is keen to let the world know exactly what the hotel has to offer.

Alan Matthew at Trump Turnberry

Alan said: ‘I had been to the hotel a few times before I came here to work, but coming back following the massive refurbishment, with the investment that has been put into the hotel and with its unique location and history, well it’s just phenomenal. It’s like a new baby for everyone who works here.’

This recipe originally appeared in Scottish Field’s May 2017 issue.