Fettercairn 28yo bottle & carton White background

Recently launched whiskies preparing for Christmas

Two recently-launched whiskies are being prepared for the festive season.

The Fettercairn 12 Year Old and Fettercairn 28 Year Old are exceptionally refined whisky expressions distilled in the foothills of the Cairngorms.

A spokesman said: ‘With an ingenious approach to crafting whisky, our bespoke copper cooling ring enhances the purity of the spirit, ensuring only the lightest vapours rise for collection in our stills.

‘Exuding floral and tropical notes, the taste of Fettercairn is like no other whisky, owed to this wholly unique production process. Turn to Fettercairn for a truly enlightened whisky-drinking experience this festive season.’

Embodying the signature flavour of Fettercairn, the 12 Year Old is amber honey in colour, and aged in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels.

With notes of vanilla, pear and soft spices on the nose; nectarine, tropical fruit and and roasted coffee on the palate; this single malt finishes with hints of bold black toffee and sultanas.

Fettercairn say it is perfect for sophisticated sipping alone or sharing socially with fellow whisky lovers this festive season. RRP: £49.99

A whisky for the refined palate, the 28 Year Old expression is a shimmering gold colour owed to its maturation in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels.

Fruity bursts of pineapple and melon giving away to treacle, banana and hints of warm ginger and liquorice on the nose, to taste, the 28 Year Old provides a rewarding drinking experience featuring notes of citrus peel and black pepper followed by tempered walnut, coffee, apricot and a touch of sweet balsamic.

The has been dubbed the distillery manager’s favourite dram, it offers an indulgent spirit to enjoy over Christmas. RRP: £500.