Low alcoholic botanical spirit launched in a paper bottle

A Scots firm has introduced a new drink which is one of the first spirits to be housed in a 94% recyclable paper bottle.

With the ever expanding collection of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol spirits entering the market, NB Distillery wanted to turn it up a notch, with their collection of award-winning spirits expanded to include School Night with 21% ABV.

After starting as a small venture in Viv and Steve Muir’s kitchen with a pressure cooker and old central heating pipes, NB Distillery is now a custom built, sustainable distillery in North Berwick.

With solar panels on their roof providing a sustainable power source, a rainwater collection system to use in their condensers and a refill scheme, School Night was the perfect opportunity to introduce the fully recyclable Frugal Bottle. Made from 94% recycled paperboard, it gets an A* from Mother Nature!

This low alcohol based spirit is just 21% ABV, but has 50% less alcohol than their award winning World’s Best London Dry Gin.

The bell will sound to let School Night out into the world from 31 May. Visit nbdistillery.com to pre-order for £25 per bottle or £45 for two.