Holyrood Distillery’s club is a thing of guile

The Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh is launching a unique members’ club allowing whisky fans to explore the flavours that develop in spirit as it matures.

Having opened its doors in July, the distillery is now looking to establish its own community.

Holyrood Distillery’s Flavour Explorers club has two tiers of membership, Holyrood (£249) and Edinburgh (£899). Both tiers offer whisky fans a five-year membership experience, with the exclusive chance to taste Holyrood Distillery’s spirit each year for five years as it matures.

This unique offering allows members to taste and own a piece of history – the first spirit and single malt to be distilled in the centre of the Scottish capital since the Edinburgh Distillery (aka Glen Sciennes) closed in 1925.

Holyrood Distillery has a distinctive approach to production, with an absolute focus on creating maximum flavour intensity in its whisky and creating delicious and memorable spirits. The distillery will provide a choice of four different styles of single malt whisky; a sweet style, a fruity/floral style; a spicy style and a smoky style.

Each whisky style is tailored with a complex and carefully chosen combination of raw materials, such as different varieties of malted barleys, yeasts and cask finishes to provide maximum flavour intensity.

Flavour Explorers club members will receive a series of samples and full bottles in limited edition packaging of Holyrood’s spirit each year. In addition, Flavour Explorers will receive a variety of other benefits, including a membership card entitling discounts on purchases and free tours of the distillery, plus a certificate of membership signed by the distillers.

Holyrood members can select one of the distillery’s four styles of single malt to try, while Edinburgh tier members can follow the development of all four styles. The quantity of bottles members receive varies according to level of membership.

In total, over the course of their five-year membership, Holyrood tier members will receive 10 miniatures and one full 70cl bottle. The Edinburgh tier members will receive 16 miniatures and 8 full 70cl bottles over five years.

Holyrood’s distillery manager, Jack Mayo, said: ‘This is something truly special for whisky fans. Single malt hasn’t been distilled in the heart of Edinburgh for almost a century, so the Flavour Explorers club is a unique proposition.

‘Not only do members get the chance to taste our spirit each year as it matures and follow the flavour as it develops, they also get a chance to own a piece of history.’

To join the Holyrood Distillery Flavour Explorers club, visit HERE.