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Award-winning Scots distillery unveils plans for new whisky

A Scots distillery plans to create a new whisky, through the launch of its founders club with a difference.

Crafty Distillery, based in south-west Scotland, are known in the craft gin world for their innovative approach and award winning spirits. Last month they celebrated winning the ‘Scottish Gin Distillery of the Year’, and have announced their plans to create a Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, through the launch of their new ground breaking Billy&Co Founders Club.

Many new Scotch whisky distilleries offer Founder Clubs which see members typically spending £400-500 on first bottlings which they will receive in three to 10 years time. Crafty offers whisky fans the chance to play a meaningful role in the actual development.

Anyone can join the club and begin nosing, tasting and sampling a host of unique aged new make spirit samples from as early as Spring 2021.

The membership is limited to 695 and costs only £189. This includes, 17 x 5cl unique aged new make spirit samples, which are sent out in six separate boxes, over the course of many months. Members also receive a beautifully printed membership confirmation, and get exclusive access to first bottling and cask releases.

Members will have regular interaction with the team at Crafty, sharing their views and as each round is complete the feedback goes forward to dialling in the next round until they get to the final sample. Sample 17 will be a product of hundreds of hours of research, analysis, distilling, nosing and tasting done by hundreds of people.

Craig Rankin, master distiller and distillery manager, said: ‘Prior to maturation, we all know that the unique tastes and aromas found in Single Malt Scotch Whisky originate from the only three permitted ingredients; barley, yeast and water.

‘Our goal is to better understand the science and performance of varieties of barley, explore unique yeasts, the flavours they produce and the effects of all the processes and their influences. What better way to do this than explore a range of unique new make spirit samples for our founders to feedback on.’

Crafty Distillery will also work with Dublin University to analyse samples and create focus groups.

The new whisky brand is called Billy&Co. Named in tribute to the founder’s late father Billy, who not only built their distillery, but was also a big fan of single malt Scotch whisky and its ability to bring people together.

Graham Taylor, MD and founder of Crafty Distillery, said: ‘Like my father, we strongly believe that good single malt Scotch whisky helps bring people together. So for us, it’s crucial that we can also bring whisky fans along on that journey of discovery.

‘We have a reputation for innovation and for inviting our customers into our process, as this gives us valuable insight to help carve out world-class spirits made for the people, with the people. Our Founders Club members will helps us uncover a formula for lowland single malt Scotch whisky production that not only delivers on the traditions of what Scotch whisky deserves to be, but also takes it to another level of regionality, quality and taste.’

Found out more at the Billy&Co Founders Club website HERE.