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A veritable feast at Voujon

The pudding shelf: the space reserved in an unspecified location of the stomach designed to accommodate a sweet treat even after the most filling of meals.

On Tuesday night, that shelf was inaccessible…

The other half and I took a trip up to Newington, an area of Edinburgh that we quickly realised we don’t spent enough time in, to check out Voujon. Serving Bangladeshi and North Indian food, the restaurant offers both dining in and take out options.

We were met with oak panelled walls, crisp white table cloths and lots of welcoming smiles from the staff. Our ears quickly picked up on the soft Hindustani music playing, and settled in to browse the extensive menu.



Keen to venture beyond the typical chicken pakora, we settled on one vegetarian and one meaty starter. Once we placed our order and waited for the first dishes to arrive, we received popadums to share, accompanied by a selection of pickles and chutneys which were tasty and eased our pre-dinner time hunger.

I had the Voll Puri, lightly spiced chick peas and potatoes served with a puri, a popular snack of Calcutta. My partner had the Murgh chatt, small pieces of chicken cooked with tomatoes and cucumbers in a hot and spicy sour sauce. The Voll Puri was tasty and carried a gentle spice, although I would recommend it as a starter for two to share, which we did. My partner enjoyed his chicken dish which was well cooked but lacked any real punch of flavour. The slightly dated side salads of tomato, iceberg and cucumber did little to enhance the dishes as a whole and were dry with no dressing.

Our waiter give us the option to take a little break between starter and main which was a thoughtful and welcome gesture, allowing us to feel relaxed and unrushed. My main dish of Karahi made with chicken might have appeared to be a standard tomato based sauce, but the flavours of caramelised onions, green pepper, dried chill, garlic and ginger, made a wonderful combination. It had just the right amount of heat to pack a wee punch without making it a challenge to finish. I opted for a side dish of ghee batt, buttered basmati rice with fried onions – indulgent and delicious!


My filling but yummy starter of Voll puri


My boyfriend opted for a classic chicken biryani which was served as a tasteful dome of vibrant chicken and rice with a myriad of spices and herbs. The raita side dressing added a welcome blend of moisture to this classic curry house option.

We both shared a saag aloo and a gargantuan garlic naan, perfect for mopping up the sauce our rice couldn’t reach. Essentially, spinach, potatoes and spices, the saag aloo was satisfying but a little on the dry side.

The staff were friendly, attentive and ready to answer any questions we had about the dishes.

Both my partner and I were left fit to burst and couldn’t quite face looking at the pudding menu, although, based on how much I enjoyed my main dish, a return trip is very likely.



107 Newington Road

0131 667 5046