A tasty lobster thermidor recipe to make at home

This lobster thermidor dish will bring class and sophistication to the dinner table this festive season.

Nothing says special occasion quite like lobster and this classic serve is no exception. Ready in 15 minutes, it oozes glamour without having to slave over a stove all day.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves during the festive period and this recipe from Love Seafood allows you to indulge whilst also helping you to bring on better living.

Love Seafood is focusing on how seafood can Bring on Better Living, showcasing how easy and tasty seafood is to cook at home. It’s simple, budget-friendly and encourages consumers from across the UK to bring more balance into their diets with a high-protein seafood option.

Shop your local fishmonger for a great choice of sustainably sourced seafood and for more recipe inspiration, visit www.loveseafood.co.uk.