Space – bringing the final frontier down to Earth

Space – the final frontier, according to the boss of a fictional Scottish starship engineer.

Oor Big Braw Cosmos is exactly the kind of book that Montgomery Scott would want to read, combining elements of cosmic science with the Scots language.

This book is fascinating collaboration between eminent Scots astronomer John C. Brown and renowned Scots poet Rab Wilson, which combines a beginner’s introduction to the scientific workings of the universe together with inspired poems and haikus, and superb imagery from astro-photographers and artists.

We also find out incredible bits of trivia along with way – did you know a Scotsman inspired Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? And did you know there’s a planet that’s one-third made of diamond?

Anyone who has an enquiring mind and an interest in all things beyond our world will find this a fascinating read, as it makes the science of the universe understandable, presenting it in such a way as to be accessible, yet informative.

Huge scientific discoveries and concepts that people far more learned than I have postulated upon are made to be comprehensible, and indeed fun, through the added poetry and other verse. There’s mention made of spotting the Northern Lights on the way to a Burns Supper in Ayrshire, adding a wonderfully warm human element that we can all relate to.

The imagery throughout is incredible, and worth buying for that alone.

Oor Big Braw Cosmos, by John C Brown and Rab Wilson, published by Luath Press, £25.

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