A garden that’s a labour of love and a tribute too

Dr Ian Wallace moved to Rivaldsgreen House in Edinburgh with his wife 36 years ago.

And although some of the garden was well established there were areas that required work.  Ian and his wife, who was a keen gardener, worked together to create a really special garden.

When Ian’s wife passed away six years ago he employed the services of Alan Brown, a gardener who helps Ian keep the garden ship shape.

‘It’s a real joint effort with Alan,’ says Ian. ‘We regularly sit down for a cup of tea and chat through our ideas for the garden.’

But Ian doesn’t like to plan too much and describes his style of gardening as ‘serendipitous’.

‘I buy lots of plants from Klondyke Garden Centre, Binnie Plants and New Hopetoun Garden Centre, but I’ve also bought lots from the supermarket. They are small, but the quality is usually good.’

Ian’s 1.5 acre garden is blessed with good acid soil and he has success growing azaleas, magnolias, camellias and rhododendrons.

Ian has glorious clematis climbing up trees as well as a hydrangea petiolaris growing up the house. Latin names hold no fear for Ian, who studied Latin at school and during his training and time as a doctor.

The gardens at Rivaldsgreen House open annually under Scotland’s Gardens Scheme and for Linlithgow Burgh Beautiful.