7 ways to achieve Meghan Markle’s glossy locks

The Duchess of Sussex is a natural beauty – she looks picture perfect and with every angle her hair looks healthy and glossy. From her Suits adventures to the royal romance she has always maintained her stunning locks.

Being one of the most photographed women in the world we have seen her channel a updo, poker straight hair and loose waves. Despite the constant style change she still manages to keep her hair in excellent condition – but how?

The stylists at wigs.com talk us through the seven steps you can take to achieve the princess hair yourself and add some lustre to your hair.

1. Flatiron your hair

Flat-ironing your hair does in fact help ruffled hair cuticles lie flat which in turn creates more of a surface area to reflect light. As excessive heat can damage your hair be sure to use a ceramic plate and only iron bone dry hair in a smooth gliding motion for that extra glossy effect that Meghan sports.

2. Oil it up

Avoid drenching your hair with shine products that contain mica as this can work against your natural gleam. Instead, actively use gloss-boosting ingredients such as argan oil which is found in many hair products and is also beneficial to avoid a dry scalp and to fight dandruff. It is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shiner. Meghan loves the ingredient as it includes high quantities of vitamin E.

3. Cuticle sealer

The cuticle layer is one of the three major portions of the hair strand, it is responsible for allowing moisture to pass into the hair shaft and most importantly stay there. A cuticle layer that is closed keeps the moisture in the hair shaft for a longer period, so the hair is much more flexible, soft, manageable and less prone to breakage. Meghan uses products which seals the cuticle making it resistant to frizz and flyaway which cause humidity.

4. Feed your scalp

For your hair to be shiny, it needs to be nourished. For maximum results you can break open vitamin E capsules and rub the gel directly on the hairline. The antioxidant increases circulation which stimulates growth, or for a savvier version you can pick up a vitamin E based serum.

5. Double shampoo

Hair will become a lot stronger, shinier and healthier from this simple technique. The first shampoo wash will remove all the dirt and residue caught up in the hair, whilst the second wash will help your locks to benefit from the nourishing properties of the shampoo. It will also create a better surface for the products to work and be absorbed.

6. Hair extensions

If your hair is not Meghan’s medium length cut, then this is the perfect excuse to purchase a set of clip in hair extensions. The natural looking sets can be used in addition to your real hair to create a loose wave look, simply wrap both your real hair and extension around an open flat iron before pulling it through the hair and teasing the ends with a very fine-tooth comb. It is that simple!

7. Bouncy blow dry

A smooth and bouncy blow dry is always key in the royal family. Investing in a good hairdryer is half of the battle, by opting for a more lightweight model you can embrace the natural hair without any element of frizz. Meghan always rocks great amounts of volume in her hair, by brushing and blow drying all over in every direction until 80% dry, the hair will gain atomic body. If your hairdresser skills don’t stretch to blow dryer curls, then after blow drying style in your curls using a hair tong.

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