A quick and easy butter tart recipe

The Silver Darling in Aberdeen built up a tremendous reputation under French chef Didier Dejean.

His restaurant in Aberdeen harbour was the result of him working at a restaurant in Paris, before joining a colleague in Aberdeen in 1978, aged 19.

After completing his national service in the French Navy, Didier came back to Aberdeen in 1984, and opened his restaurant after spotting a gap in the market for seafood.

As the oil industry developed, things changed. ‘Before the oil, Aberdeen was like a big village, and then, boom, the oil arrived, and thousands of people came with new ideas and it changed a lot.’

The original emphasis on fresh, local produce was always at the heart of his business.

‘If you go to a restaurant, you take a little idea from a dish and then you do the dish in your own way,’ Didier says. ‘I like to eat out, but I try not to go to the same places.’

This recipe originally featured in our May 2016 edition. Since then, Didier has sold the Silver Darling.