Edinburgh is UK’s most desired retirement city

Edinburgh has beaten the south coast of England as the silver homebuyer retirement hotspot.

The latest research by estate agent comparison site, GetAgent.co.uk, has looked at where across the UK is home to the highest demand for retirement properties and where offers the largest number as a proportion of all homes for sale.

GetAgent.co.uk looked at the number of retirement homes for sales across major UK cities and which was home to the highest proportion of retirement property stock, as well as the highest demand for these properties based on the ratio of stock listed on the major property portals, to that which was already sold subject to contract.

Edinburgh topped the table as the most in-demand town for silver homebuyers with 57.8% of all retirement stock listed already under offer or sold subject to contract. Newport in Wales came second with a demand score of 55%, with Glasgow third (46.8%), Manchester fourth (43.8%) and Sheffield fifth (41.5%). Aberdeen was 25th (12.5%).

The highest level of retirement property stock available as a proportion of all stock is currently found in Portsmouth, with 5.4% of properties listed in the city falling within the retirement category.

Founder and CEO of GetAgent.co.uk, Colby Short, said: ‘We tend to focus on those taking that first step on the ladder but there is, of course, a whole other segment of buyers at the other end of the property life-cycle.

‘Although silver homebuyers account for a more marginal share of the market, it’s interesting to see where they are opting for when it comes to investing in their golden years and how this demand has shifted from the perhaps more traditional areas.

‘Previously, the trend was to move to the coast and while these areas are still home to some of the highest level of retirement properties as a result, it would seem that Edinburgh is now the most in-demand amongst buyers and in need of more retirement focussed developments.’

Rankings – most in-demand amongst buyers by city and percentage demand: 1, Edinburgh, 57.8%; 2, Newport, 55.0%; 3, Glasgow, 46.8%; 4, Manchester, 43.8%; 5, Sheffield, 41.5%; 6, Nottingham, 40.0%; 7, Leeds, 36.0%; 8, Liverpool, 33.9%; 10, Oxford, 33.3%; 11, Cardiff, 32.7%; 12, Leicester, 30.4%; 13, Bournemouth, 29.7%; 15, Swansea, 27.8%; 16, Birmingham, 27.5%; 17, Cambridge, 26.8%; 19, Bristol, 26.3%; 20, Plymouth, 26.3%; 21, Southampton, 26.3%; 22, London, 22.5%; 23, Newcastle, 21.1%; 24, Portsmouth, 17.8%; 25, Aberdeen, 12.5%.