Add some learning to your Spanish summer holiday

A trip to Spain is always memorable, but it’s made even moreso by understanding and using the local lingo.

Edinburgh-based company The Pack Language Experience has been organising five and seven-day Spanish-language learning holidays to Madrid each summer since 2017. The trips have proved so popular that two new destinations – Asturias and Sierra de Guadarrama – have just been added.

The trips offer a fun learning experience combined with a taste of the real Spain. Guests enjoy Spanish lessons each morning, followed by cultural activities in the afternoon. Holiday-makers choose from a range of accommodation options – budget, standard and deluxe – all of which are centrally located.

For those who prefer to do more than just hit the pool on holiday, this is the chance to try something different, meet new friends and enjoy getting to know the real, authentic Spain – it is a unique, personal language experience that aims to get everyone talking.

Company founders, Madrid-born Ana Sanz and Adrian Lago, who have lived in Edinburgh for more than a decade, explain: ‘The idea came from our own experience of learning English when we moved to Scotland in 2006. We believe that immersing yourself in the language you want to learn is hugely enjoyable and improves your language skills much more quickly.

‘We love Scotland and Spain, and have a passion for travelling and language learning, and wanted to bring all of that together. The personal touch is very important to us, we want visitors to experience living in Spain like a local, which is why we keep our groups small – everyone is part of our “Pack”. The Pack Language Experience offers the chance to really get to know Spain in a short space of time, to enjoy the food, wine and culture, as well as meeting like-minded people. It is a trip we hope will enrich your life.’

Scottish holiday-maker Sheila McCombie travelled to Madrid in 2017 and again in 2018 with the Pack Language Experience: ‘It is so much more than just a language course; the cultural and language immersion aspect was completely authentic. I had been to Madrid a few times before, but I had never visited some of the neighbourhoods, markets, bars and restaurants that I discovered on this trip.’

Adrian and Ana added: ‘We hope to repeat the success of last year in 2019. It was great to see our students immersing themselves in Spanish culture and language from the outset. Our trips allow you to discover a Spain you might not have known exists.’

From May 2019, The Pack Language Experience will offer holidays to two new destinations: Asturias, on Spain’s beautiful northern coast, boasts an unspoilt landscape, enchanting towns and fabulously fresh local cuisine. A Pack Language holiday here allows visitors an escape from the city to improve their Spanish and enjoy the area’s natural surroundings at the same time.

Sierra de Guadarrama is the mountain range that separates Castile-Leon from the province of Madrid. The area boasts beautiful nature reserves, wonderful hiking, a treasure trove of history and a chance to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites – it’s a unique setting in which to immerse yourself in Spanish.

The Pack Language Experience offers language immersion trips to three locations in Spain. Each group consists of a minimum of four people and a maximum of 10.

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