Top gundogs showed off their fantastic skills

It was a weekend of fast paced scurry action as the gundogs packed out the recent Scottish Game Fair.

With glorious sunshine and no clouds in sight, skilled handlers and their talented pooches were ready for three days of high performance.

As the Scottish Game Fair opened its gates, eager handlers and their dogs lined up ready to compete. Mick Hurst with Belle finished top of the open class for the day with a time of 14.94 seconds.

The junior handlers also showed their skills by putting on some impressive performances. Sam Thomson with Ora took top honours with a time of 20.37 seconds, followed closely by Charlotte Jeffrey with Digger in second place with 32.25 seconds.

The sun continued to shine over Perthshire as the gundogs begun to run the scurries. After a close competition, Bob Cass with Kite was narrowly able secure first place in the open class with a time of 18.93 seconds. Just milliseconds later were Michael Brown with Quando in second place with 19.00 seconds. Liz Jones with Miska closed out the day in third place with a time of 19.84 seconds.

Miska was back in action again in the junior class with Austin McRae, this time finishing in first place with a time of 19.66 seconds. Abby Rutherford with Barney walked away with second place with a time of 20.69 seconds. The final honours of the junior class went to Emma McGregor with Amber who finished with a time of 22.47 seconds.

The Sunday of the Scottish Game Fair was the last chance for handlers and their gundogs to finish top of the leader board.

After another exciting day it was Andy Fleming with Rocky to finish first with a time of 16.07 seconds. It was an intense competition for second place as Ross McGarvie with Zola were able to take the position by just 0.2 milliseconds ahead of third place Alison Bryden with Talla with a time of 17.19 seconds. The final winner in the junior class was Harris with Jack, finishing with a time of 18.91 seconds.

After three days of competition the overall winner was Mick Hurst with Belle.

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