Scots estates offer homes and jobs for fleeing Ukrainians

Rural estates in Scotland have said they are ready and able to welcome Ukrainian refugees and to offer accommodation and employment.

Scottish Land & Estates (SLE), which represents rural businesses, said more than 40 estates had volunteered to help those fleeing war and arriving in Scotland.

SLE said it had written to the Scottish Government and expressed its willingness to assist and would also be providing details to the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme which is due to opened yesterday.

Dee Ward, vice chair at Scottish Land & Estates, said: ‘Estates in Scotland are very keen to help in any way they can to those fleeing the devastation in Ukraine.

‘As these estates are rural businesses, many are in the fortunate position of being able to offer not just accommodation but also employment opportunities for refugees arriving here. We have no doubt that as well as estates helping those coming to stay here, there will be many Ukrainian people with experience and talent in sectors such including farming, food production and hospitality that can be of real value to our rural communities.

‘We are under no illusion how difficult it will be for Ukrainians coming to stay here, especially in the short-term, but we want to work with the Scottish and UK Governments to provide opportunities for individuals and families wherever we can.

‘We know that refugees will require care and support to adjust to life here but we believe our rural areas and businesses can play a part in the collective effort that will be required in the coming months.’