Listen to the Land returns to Scottish Game Fair

This year’s Scottish Game Fair will see the return of ‘Listen to the Land’ featuring stories and discussions about Scotland’s heritage.

Following its success last year, the event will take place at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair which runs in the grounds of Scone Palace, Perthshire from 30 June to 2 July.

Listen to the Land, stories and discussion about Scotland’s natural heritage, is a celebration of the countryside with reflections on our rural past and on work now being done to protect the land for future generations.

Topics covered in the exhibit’s two venues include wildlife and landscape photography, game cookery, deer management, farming, fishing, conservation, reconnecting to the land and culture.

Those taking part include authors Merryn Glover, Jenna Watt, Malachy Tallack, Roger Morgan Grenville, Keith Broomfield, author and photographer Neil McIntyre, wilderness guide Eliza Brown, game chef Tim Maddams, master carpenter David Young, and Ed Smith, photographer and ‘character of the Cairngorms.

In addition, there are discussions on the future of deer management with Tom Turnbull, Chair of the Association of Deer Management Groups and a hand-picked expert panel.  You can also hear Denise Walton and Kirsty Tait from the Nature Friendly Farming Network speak.

Linda Mellor, countryside author and photographer, and host of Listen to the Land said: ‘Stories have always been woven through my work as a photographer and a writer and this year’s Listen to the Land is going to be a real treat as once again I explore the stories of other country people through their work.’

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