Which whisky are you? – Distiller launches new online test

Highland distillers Tomatin have unveiled their People Pairing quiz that aims to match personality traits to different expressions in their core range of whiskies.

Based on the notion that certain personality traits could match the different characteristics of the distiller’s core range, a likely pairing can be suggested via an online test on the Tomatin website .

Master distiller Graham Eunson said: ‘With so many different whiskies within our core range, I have no doubt that there is a whisky to match every personality.

‘By breaking down each expression to a certain flavor profile, I have tried to match these to five distinct personality types. It may not be definitive, but I believe that this shows that everyone can enjoy whisky. It’ll be interesting to see how the public reacts to their Tomatin’s paired whiskies.’

Henry Holland, Victoria Pendleton, Jamie East and Kenton Cool

To launch the personality pairing test, the brand held a tasting with master distiller Graham, who matched three celebrities to their 12-Year Old, 18-Year Old and 36-Year old whiskies.

The three celebrities that were matched were legendary cyclist Victoria Pendleton, fashion designer Henry Holland and Alpinist and 12-time Everest conqueror Kenton Cool.

Henry Holland matched with the Tomatin 12-Year Old

Henry Holland, the famed Mancunian fashion designer to the stars, businessman and internet personality, was matched with the smooth 12-Year Old. A malt known for being easy to drink and synonymous with a relaxed, yet charming, sophistication, this expression is paired perfectly with a man as suave and confident as Henry Holland.

VIctoria Pendleton paired with the Tomatin 18-Year Old

Victoria Pendleton’s personality’s perfect tipple was the 18-Year Old and is the winner of the most gold medals within Tomatin’s core range. This track-cyclist is a nine-time world champion, and just like her paired whisky, is classy, ambitious and, as one of Great Britain’s most successful female Olympians, definitely an achiever.

Having climbed Mount Everest a staggering 12 times, Kenton Cool is one of Britain’s leading alpine and high altitude climbers. As an experienced over-achiever, he was a handsome match for Tomatin’s 36-Year Old, a world-class, mature dram that was voted Best Scotch in the world at the San Francisco Spirit Awards 2017.

University of Edinburgh Psychologist Dr Adam Moore has investigated the link between personality types and whisky preference.

He said: ‘Some research has previously been done that can pair certain personality traits with key whisky flavours.

‘Taste is the least understood of the human senses and whilst there has been research around the types of food people prefer, how our personalities affect these preferences, especially regarding whisky preference, has yet to be fully explored.’

Tomatin’s trophy cabinet bursts with accolades and awards including winning Distiller of the Year 2016 and Brand Innovator of Year 2017 at the Icons of Whisky Awards. Tomatin is also currently ranked in the Top 10 Single Malt brands in the USA and are one of the fasting growing brands in the UK.