Tweed Valley Trail launches day and night runs

DAY and night runs are being organised on the Tweed Valley Trail.

Off-road five-kilometre, 10-kilometre, and 20-kilometre routes will be offered during the day on 1 October, followed by a 10-kilometre “nightfall” run at 6.30pm with head torches.

The routes will include a “100-metre arboreal avenue of light and sound effects”.

Neil Dalgleish, event director at organiser Hillside Outside, said: “The Tweed Valley area is now rightly recognised as one of Scotland’s premier outdoor adventure destinations.

“We’re best known for cycling but the landscape and trails here make it an off-road running paradise too.

“Outdoor tourism is hugely important for the local economy throughout the Borders.”

He added: “We’re keen to show just how good the running is here and provide a fantastic, inclusive event [that] new runners will love as much as the experienced off-road athletes.

“Putting some beautiful lighting in the forest will be a lot of fun too.”

Organisers added that the Tweed Valley Trail Run is “born from the same DNA as Hillside Outside’s former running event, the hugely-popular Tweed Valley Tunnel Trail Run”.

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