The Proclaimers launch Mary’s Meals walking challenge

THEY rose to fame by walking 500 miles in song, but now The Proclaimers have set a walking challenge to raise money for Mary’s Meals.

Brothers Craig and Charlie Reid are backing the charity’s Move for Meals campaign, which asks Scots to get sponsored to move – by walking, dancing, skipping, or swimming.

Charlie said: “We’re not asking you to walk 500 miles, or 500 more… With Mary’s Meals, just a small number of steps can help to feed hungry children across the world.”

Mary’s Meals serves school dinners in some of the poorest countries, which encourages children to come to school and learn.

Each day, the charity serves 2,279,941 children in 20 countries, including Ethiopia, Haiti, and Syria.

Craig added: “It costs just £15.90 to feed a hungry child with Mary’s Meals for an entire school year – so a little sponsorship can make a big difference.”

Dan McNally, head of grassroots engagement at Mary’s Meals, said: “We serve Mary’s Meals in the world’s poorest, and often most difficult, locations because we know that’s where children need us the most.

“Today, we face some of our greatest challenges yet in a world devastated by conflict, food insecurity, and the cost of living crisis.

“It is easy to feel hopeless when faced with so much suffering, but every single thing that people do for our mission makes an enormous difference to the children who eat Mary’s Meals.”

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