The GlenDronach releases Batch 15 cask bottling

The GlenDronach Distillery has released Batch 15 of its individual cask bottlings.

The six whiskies released in Batch 15 ​range from twenty-one to twenty-seven years in age, and are drawn from either Pedro Ximenez or Oloroso sherry casks.

The oldest cask released in Batch 15, cask number 7005, has the appearance of polished cherry wood, with notes of fresh mint leaves on the nose, together with touches of cigar box and cinnamon in rich plum juice on the palate.

Toasted oak spice and roasted coffee beans can be found in the nose of the youngest cask in this batch, cask number 4418, while the palate offers crisp candied peel, with sweet figs and sugared dates dusted with cocoa.

Whisky Maker Rachel Barrie says:​ ‘Aficionados of The GlenDronach will not be disappointed with this latest Batch, picked from the richest and deepest casks in our earthen-floored warehouses. I am privileged and delighted to see them released from their slumber, for enjoyment by discerning connoisseurs around the world; as time slowly passes, I anticipate the unearthing of more hidden gems.’

The batch details are:

1990 cask # 7005 / 27 years old / PX Sherry Puncheon / 53.4% vol.

1992 cask # 52 / 25 years old / Sherry Butt / 58.5% vol.

1992 cask # 89 / 25 years old / Sherry Butt / 57% vol.

1993 cask # 43 / 24 years old / Sherry Butt / 59.2% vol.

1994 cask # 3379 / 22 years old / PX Sherry Puncheon / 51.6% vol.

1995 cask #4418 / 21 years old / PX Sherry Puncheon / 52.6% vol.

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