Tartan Blanket Company gets thumbs up from B Corp

THE Tartan Blanket Company (TBCo) in Leith has been certified by B Corp, an organisation that measures the social and environmental impact of businesses.

The fashion and homeware company donates 2% of its revenues to charity each month, with 1% going to organisations that help people and the other 1% to bodies that help the planet.

TBCo received a score of 88.6 from B Corp.

Emma Macdonald, who founded her business in 2014, said: “Being B-Corp certified means that we are a part of the movement to make businesses a force for good in the world and transform the economic system into a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative global economy.

“Our score reflects our dedication to being an ethical business that offers full transparency through every aspect of our company, from our supply chain to delivering moments of warmth to our customers’ homes.

“We are really proud to be part of making the fashion and retail industries, particularly in Scotland, more sustainable and a force for good.

“Although there is still a long way to go in this industry we hope we can be part of the change.”

The company opened its shop in Leith last year.

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