Silvy Weatherall show comes to Dumfries

SCOTTISH artist Silvy Weatherall has a new exhibition, “Broken Journeys”, opening next week at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries.

Weatherall describes herself as “a hater of waste”.

She works with “objects that have become obsolete and worthless, whether it is smashed china or other broken things destined for landfill”.

Works on show at the centre will include her “Last Supper” series of 13 busts made from broken ceramics.

“This is a multifaceted piece that speculates ‘What was the last meal served on these plates before they broke?’ and delves into the subject of mental health,” Weatherall explained.

“It looks to the Japanese tradition of mending with gold -rejoicing in imperfection and the transience of things.”

The exhibition – which runs until 17 December – will also feature the premiere of Weatherall’s new work, “Drowning in a sea of tears”.

“A work in progress, it focuses on the plight of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people as they cross dangerous waters for a better, safer life,” she said.

“This work is a memorial to all those that didn’t survive the crossing.”

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