Scottish Portrait Awards winners named

THE winners of the Scottish Portrait Awards have been unveiled.

Sam Dalby from Moffat won the Scottish Portrait Award in Fine Art and £5,000 for his painting “Meeting Daniel”, a posthumous portrait of the artist’s mother, meeting her grandson, Daniel, for the first time.

Scottish Portrait Awards - ‘Meeting Daniel’ by Sam Dalby

‘Meeting Daniel’ by Sam Dalby

Gordon Mitchell, director of the Scottish Portrait Awards and chair of the fine art panel, said: “Not only is Sam’s technical mastery evident in ‘Meeting Daniel’ but the sensitivity in conveying his emotional engagement with the subject and the tangible joy of a grandmother holding her grandchild for the first time, made this sincere painting stand out.”

Kit Martin, a former medical and police photographer who lives in Newport-on-Tay, won the Scottish Portrait Award in Photography and £3,000 with her portrait of Mhairi, host and owner of Island Darkrooom in Lewis.

Scottish Portrait Awards - ‘Mhairi’ by Kit Martin

‘Mhairi’ by Kit Martin

Siobhán Coward, chair of the photography panel, said: “Mhairi’ may be the smallest photographic work in the exhibition, yet its ability to draw the viewer in to discover the many layers of film [that] make up the composition – from Mhairi’s gaze to her attire and surrounding interior of the bothy – gives it a tangible sense of depth and mystery.

“You want to lift this work, hold it, explore it – it has an exquisite appeal.”

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