Ready Player One: Strathallan opens ‘esports’ suite

PUPILS at Strathallan School can now play “electronic sports” (esports) against each other in a new facility.

“Esports” are computer games that are played on professional equipment, with Scotland fielding an esports team at this summer’s Commonwealth Games.

“It’s a great time to be a student at Strathallan,” said former pupil Josh Martin.

Martin, who is a competitive esports racer, founded Sim Staff, the company that installed the equipment at the independent school in Perthshire.

“This is a truly exciting opportunity for the school,” he said.

“Strathallan now has four racing simulators, on which pupils can play a wide variety of games and familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of esports and the opportunities this presents.

“I can definitely see some great competitions brewing at the school.”

Martin added: “Esports has grown massively over the [past] few years – it has gone from being largely hobbyist to full-time careers, scholarships, and global partnerships with major brands.

“The potential is enormous – Formula One, the teams, and other sporting bodies are offering paid opportunities for players to compete with them virtually.

“Hopefully, over time, we will see even more opportunities become available for the next generation of gamers.”

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