Plastic bottles hit the buffers on Caledonian Sleeper

THE days of pinching those wee bottles of shower gel to take home from the Caledonian Sleeper are numbered, as part of efforts to reduce plastic waste.

Toiletries brand Arran is now supplying bigger refillable bottles for the overnight train, rather than single-use portions.

The dispensers are due to fitted to all the carriages by the end of this month.

Arran said the move is expected to save around 400,000 small plastic bottles each year.

The label has been supplying shower gel, shampoo, and other toiletries to the Caledonian Sleeper since 2015.

Kevin Meechan, chief executive at Arran, said: “We are still on our journey towards sustainability and the change in public perception in regard to our eco-friendly measures has been positive for our company.

“It has made us evaluate what we could improve on and also allow us to see all the good we have already done in this sphere.

“We are really excited to continue this journey towards a greener future.”

Steven Marshall, head of sales and marketing at Caledonian Sleeper, added: “When we analysed the numbers of plastic miniatures and single use toiletries that were being used on the routes versus what we could save through switching to a refillable model, it was a no brainer.

“The challenge was to ensure that customers were completely on board with the change and received the same indulgent customer experience as they always had.

“Thankfully, the feedback we’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, proving that being kind to the environment is very much viewed as a first-class choice.”

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