Orkney and Cairngorms to host outdoor art

ORKNEY and the Cairngorms have been selected to host “Green Space Dark Skies“, a series of massive outdoor artworks.

Volunteers – including paddleboarders and kayakers – are being recruited to hold lights in the Cairngorms national park on 11 August.

Residents on North Ronaldsay will hold lights on 16 August to form astronomical symbols and constellations.

Finally, Orcadians will create images from folklore and mythology on Mainland by holding lights on 20 August.

The volunteers in the Cairngorms and on Orkney will be filmed creating their images.

More than 1,000 people are expected to take part in the three events, which are among 20 taking place in the UK this year.

Keren McKean, Walk the Plank’s producer for Scotland, says: “Scotland’s landscapes are rich, unique, and diverse.

“The country’s dramatic backdrop is globally recognised and attracts millions of tourists per year, but often local people and people from particular communities can feel like the great outdoors isn’t for them.

“Green Space Dark Skies is about engaging with communities and encouraging people to feel connected to the land, to enjoy it and to protect it.”

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