Mountain experts urge public to ‘#ThinkWINTER’

MOUNTAIN safety campaigners have launched their “#ThinkWINTER” campaign urging the public to access the right information and advice before venturing into the hills.

Now in its fifth year, the scheme is a joint venture between Mountaineering Scotland, Scottish Mountain Rescue, Mountain Training Scotland, Glenmore Lodge, Developing Mountain Biking Scotland, Snowsport Scotland, The Scottish Avalanche Information Service, and Police Scotland.

Ross Cadie, Mountaineering Scotland’s senior mountain safety advisor, said: “When winter arrives in Scotland’s mountains, we need to make sure we do our homework before heading out.

“Planning and preparation from trusted sources and matching your adventure to your level of skill and conditions will help you return home safely.”

Mark Diggins, the coordinator for The Scottish Avalanche Information Service, added: “Cold temperatures and the arrival of the first winter snowfall is an exciting time for all those who enjoy the winter mountains – we provide winter avalanche hazard information to help with your choices and planning.

“Even on those first days, #ThinkWINTER and be switched on from day one.”

Websites being promoted by the campaign include:

General mountaineering information:

Skills courses and training:

Avalanche and weather information:

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