Millennials eye whisky investments

MILLENNIALS are more likely to invest in whisky than gold, art, cryptocurrency or even stocks and shares, according to a survey by investment firm Braeburn Whisky.

Its poll found that 28% of milliennials favour whisky, second only to property.

More than one third of millennials said “stability” was a key factor when choosing their investments.

Niall Brown, senior portfolio director at Braeburn Whisky, said: “We are receiving more and more interest from a younger audience, with 20% of clients in this age demographic currently on our books and the figure increasing.

“Tangible assets are widely regarded as a more stable investment option throughout periods of economic uncertainty, and this could explain why younger generations have adopted these investment habits widely.

“Even alongside other well-known tangible investment assets, whisky in the cask is proving a popular choice.”

Samuel Gordon, sales director at Braeburn Whisky, added: “Whisky casks are a stable investment because they have intrinsic value.

“They’re not affected by the same volatile swings that traditional investments are, which makes them an ideal option in the current climate.

“Whisky in the cask continues the maturation process, taking on the beautiful, unique flavours of the wood where as bottles of rare whisky are subject to market forces.”

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