James McAvoy backs Royal Conservatoire campaign

X-MEN actor James McAvoy is today launching the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s (RCS’s) scholarship campaign.

McAvoy – who graduated from the RCS’s predecessor, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (RSAMD), in 2000 – has narrated a film entitled #WeAreStillHere to kick-off the fundraising campaign.

“At this time, possibly more ever, the arts and artists need to be seen and heard and recognised for the essential contribution they make,” he said.

“We’re still here, as are the next generation.

“That’s why access to arts education is so valuable and should be accessible to all, regardless of background.

“It’s why scholarship support is vital, to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance and that we have artists for the future who reflect our world, connect us and tell the stories that need to be told.”

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