Jackie Bird helps pupils with time travel

TELEVISION presenter Jackie Bird helped pupils travel back in time at one of the National Trust for Scotland’s (NTS’s) properties.

Bird, who is president of the NTS, joined children from St Vincent’s Primary School when they visited Pollok House to take part in a trial of “Timesliders”, the trust’s new education programme.

She helped pupils to take part in “a series of escape room-style challenges to help the main characters of ‘Timesliders’ – fictional heroes Kyla and Eden – as they travel throughout Scotland’s past, present, and future to try to stop their adversaries from rewriting history”.

The pilot programme began last month with a 30-minute theatre show entitled “The Natural History of Scotland” in St Vincent’s, St Angela’s, and St Bernard’s primary schools , followed by pupils listening to podcasts featuring Kyla and Eden.

During the sessions at Pollok House, the children test their maths, literacy, and teamwork skills “in a host of different problem-solving activities to help a historic figure escape from a portrait”.

Bird said: “It’s such a creative and fun way to get children interested in, and excited about the history of Scotland.

“The NTS cares for and protects many of Scotland’s special places, from impressive landscapes to historic houses.

“It’s fantastic to see how these places, their history and their notable figures have captured imaginations.”

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