Instagram star Less Waste Laura helps NatureScot

NATURESCOT, the government agency known previously as Scottish Natural Heritage, has teamed up with Instagram star Laura Young, better known as “Less Waste Laura”.

Young will help to promote the organisation’s “Make Space For Nature” campaign on social media.

The partnership includes social media posts and an episode of the “Make Space For Nature” podcast.

“Making space for nature is core to my everyday life,” said Young.

“I love seeing the beauty around me in parks, forests, and even beaches near to where I live.

“Getting out and about isn’t just a chance to breathe and get away from screens, it also motivates me to continue doing what I can do, to play my part, and to create a more sustainable world for all that’s thriving with nature.”

Francesca Osowska, chief executive at NatureScot, added: “Less Waste Laura is well known for her climate change work.

“She has a strong passion for nature and a large following on social media.

“NatureScot’s winter campaign asks everyone to ‘Make Space For Nature’ in their lives – from feeding birds and providing water for wildlife, to volunteering time to restore nature.

“With Laura’s help our campaign will reach a wider audience and make a significant impact.”

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