Hydro Ness opens in Highland capital

THE Hydro Ness visitors’ centre and hydro-electric scheme has opened in Inverness.

Ceilidh Trail performed “The Power of the River”, a song written by Duncan Chisholm and Hamish Napier to mark the event.

Hydro Ness was built next to Holm Mills bridge on the site of a previous hydro-electric scheme from the 1920s.

Its Archimedes’ screw will generate electricity for the nearby Inverness leisure centre.

Councillor Karl Rosie, chair of The Highland Council’s Climate Change Committee, said: “Hydro Ness is without doubt a flagship for sustainability and has reinforced how valuable an asset the River Ness is, especially when it comes to renewable generation.

“Not only does it look fantastic but, very importantly, it is already helping to offset our reliance on grid supplied electricity and reducing our carbon footprint.

“This underlines our climate change ambitions as we work towards achieving net zero.”

He added: “As well as the eye-catching structure, an important element of Hydro Ness is the on-site interpretation.

“The messaging covers key topics such as how Hydro Ness works, the different ecology found around the River Ness, and our changing climate – all of which will help to create a new welcoming place for locals and visitors to spend time enjoying.”

The interpretation signs were designed by Cheshire-based Mather & Co, which is also creating the exhibitions for the revamped Inverness Castle.

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