GWCT training courses return for 2023

THE Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has unveiled its spring training courses.

The charity’s advisory service runs half-day courses on topics including “snaring, heather burning, corvid control, mustelid control, and grouse health and disease”.

People who pass the courses receive a GWCT certificate to demonstrate “due diligence and responsibility” under the 2011 Wildlife & Natural Environment (Scotland) Act.

Courses are taking place at venues in Aberdeenshire, the Borders, and the Highlands.

A full-day course on rat control for gamekeepers and farmers is also being held at the trust’s demonstration farm – GWSDF Auchnerran at Logie Coldstone in Aberdeenshire – on 1 March.

Hugo Straker, head of GWCT advisory services in Scotland, said: “After an enforced break due to covid, we are back with a full range of courses for gamekeepers and land managers in February and March.

“Given the practical content of these events, it is good that we can once again be conducting them face to face, and we are looking forward to a swift uptake of places.

“We also run a number of other bespoke courses covering data gathering with the ‘Epicollect 5’ app, mountain hare count training, and wader count training, and our advisory service team is available for one-to-one farm or estate visits.”

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