Guernsey liberator’s family travel from Scotland for commemoration

GUERNSEY will today mark the anniversary of its liberation from Nazi Germany on 9 May 1945 – and a Scottish family will be in attendance.

Seargent-Major Robert Shaw, who was born in September 1915 in Springburn, was the first British soldier to land on the island.

Shaw was part of the Task Force 135, the military contingent that liberated the island as part of “Operation Nestegg”.

He rode a motorbike off his landing craft, followed by armoured vehicles.

To honour his memory, Shaw’s three children and four grandchildren travelled from Cumbrae, Dundee, Glasgow, Millport, and Perth this weekend to attend today’s ceremony.

The family was due to attend the 75th anniversary celebrations in 2020, but the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Speaking ahead of the event, Martin Shaw – Robert’s son – said: “My father was so proud of being part of such a historic moment in liberating the island of Guernsey after the war.

“He talked about this moment throughout his whole life and he was thrilled to be invited back in 1992 to receive an official commemorative medallion with 170 surviving veterans of Task Force 135.

“Visiting Guernsey as a family in his memory this year will be such a special moment for us to be together and remember all those that fought with him in the war.”

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