Great Borders River Clean makes a splash this weekend

THE Great Borders River Clean returns this weekend for its biannual litter-pick along the region’s waterways.

The event has grown to become the largest simultaneous river clean in the UK, with more than 20 towns and villages throughout the Borders taking part.

Tom Rawson, the founder of GreenTweed Eco, which aims to link environmental groups to schools, launched the river clean-up, which is sponsored by Bright Green Nature and the Fallago Environment Fund.

He said: “The Great Borders River Clean has gone from strength to strength, removing thousands of kilograms of rubbish from rivers and streams across the Borders.

“In some locations, we are really getting to the bottom of the problem with greatly reduced hauls in recent editions.

“I am also really delighted to announce an ongoing partnership between GreenTweed Eco and Taste House Coffee as we work together to reduce plastic pollution on Scotland’s waterways and beaches.”

Alex Wield, a spokesman for Taste House Coffee, added: “Until we can eliminate single-use plastics from our supply chain, we are committed to removing at least twice the amount we use from the natural environment.”

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