Glasgow Clan ice hockey players raise cash for cancer charity

THREE players from the Glasgow Clan ice hockey team had their legs waxed to raise money for cancer charity Lymphoma Action.

Canadians Drew McLean and Gary Haden, and American Jeff Solow underwent the waxing to support 20-year-old student nurse Alix Maitland, one of the team’s flag bearers.

Maitland was diagnosed with stage-four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which spread from a pea-sized lump on her neck to her chest, spleen, and bones.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Maitland is still raising money for the charity.

McLean said: “The pain was a lot worse than I expected and it’s the first time I remember seeing my legs without any hair.

“But it was certainly worth going through the leg waxing for such a good cause.

“We want to let Alix know that we’re here supporting her and she’s not going through everything on her own.”

Haden added: “Considering what Alix is going through just now, the thought of having my legs waxed was an easy decision because we’re helping raise money for an amazing cause.

“Everyone knows Alix’s story, so Jeff, Drew and I were only too happy to get involved and help in any way we can.

“Looking ahead, I’m sure the pain will be worth it in the end to help Alix and raise the awareness for this disease.”

Alix Maitland Alix Maitland

Maitland is also a part-time steward during public skating sessions at Braehead Arena and two of her colleagues at the rink – Josh Seggie and Ross O’Hagen – volunteered to join the players and have their legs waxed as well.

This Sunday’s home game against Manchester Storm will be dedicated to Maitland, with Glasgow Clan’s jerseys being auctioned to raise cash.

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