Fossils hunters have their say on Scottish Fossil Code

SCOTLAND’S fossil hunters are having their say on the revised Scottish Fossil Code.

NatureScot, the Scottish Government agency known previously as Scottish Natural Heritage, published the code in 2008.

It’s now being revised, with the next version due to be issued early next year.

Katherine Leys, NatureScot’s head of biodiversity and geodiversity, said: “Fossil collecting is a popular hobby and amateur collectors quite often uncover rare and scientifically important finds.

“But sometimes our fossil heritage is vulnerable to irresponsible collecting that can damage sites and the fossils they contain.

“We’re keen to hear from people with an interest in Scotland’s fossils, whether that’s amateur fossil collectors, landowners or researchers.

“We want the new code to reflect their needs and interests.”

She added: “The Scottish Fossil Code is about promoting and encouraging responsible fossil collecting and fossil resource management.

“By following the code, people can stay within the law and follow best practice in collecting and storing fossils.

“It’s vital for the development of geological science that young people continue to collect and learn from Scotland’s globally important fossil resources.”

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